Just how overdue tickets are collected and form an art piece, your life is read in the same context, where normal single days are gathered to form a life.

At Ephemera, even if it’s not a special day, you can imagine how each normal days form a daily life and how those daily life become your own precious life.

All the menus of Ephemera are made in the kitchen every day.

  • Directions: A 1F
  • Opening hours: 11:00AM ~ 21:00PM
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    LE CONTE DES CONTES, meaning ‘Story of Stories’, indicates story of our life, great and small travel stories that sit in it.
    When we look through each one of our stories, we are all living in an epic which we call it ‘life’.

    And inside that epic, ‘travelling’ sits in as a small tale.
    The story of travelling, in the story of our life. Travel in life, Life in Travel.
    Travel creates various stories, and those stories make up a bigger story called life. The boundary between travel and life blurs and each other create stories.
    LE CONTE DES CONTES strive to discover travel stories through our lives and to create life stories through travelling.

    We focus on the perspective of story making, where constant stories repeat and overlap to create another story.

    We curate and propose fashion and lifestyle based on the thought of how we can create a story from motifs of our values and perspectives.

    You can create life and travel stories from LE CONTE DES CONTES.

  • Directions: A 2F
  • Opening hours: 11:00AM ~ 20:00PM
  • A3 01 DOORS
    The first door of DOORS and a pop-up space will present diverse brands and contents through various mediums.

  • A3 02 Geulwoll
    Stationery, book
    Geulwoll is a pure Korean word meaning ‘letters’. Under this name, we began the shop in June 2019.
    We propose products and services related to letters and are making pleasant attempts to bring forgotten letter culture back to nowadays contemporary culture.

    We are receiving supports from the younger generation by raising the level of domestic letter design by harmonizing sensuous design and lyrical atmosphere.

    In addition, we have collaborated with brands (ex. Atelier de Edito, When I was young, Hyundai Department Store gift page, Lotte Resort, etc.) that agree with the ‘letter culture’ to provide experiences for those who still write letters.

    Currently there is an offline shop in Yeonhui-dong, Seoul and delivers products and news through online sites and SNS.

  • Directions: A302
  • Opening hours: TUE - SUN / 11AM - 8PM (MON OFF)
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  • A3 03 Yiyeha
    Handicraft, Antique
    이로울 이 利
    심을 재 栽
    크게 열릴 하 閜

    We change the outdated way of viewing old objects.
    Time of thought newly opened at the touchpoint of past and present.
    We plant the beauty of your time here.

    Planting the benefits and emphasising those benefits. We are Yiyeha.

  • Directions: A303
  • Opening hours: TUE - SUN / 12PM - 7PM (MON OFF)
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  • A3 04 Hanahzo
    Beauty, Life style, Fashion
    Hanahzo develops the brand by focusing on making everyone’s downtime countable under the slogan ‘Pause your life’. Hanahzo considers environment of where we live and agonize about things to spend the downtime with.

    Hanahzo wants to make everthing ‘Hanahzo-ish’.

  • Directions: A304
  • Opening hours: TUE - SUN / 12PM - 8PM (MON OFF)
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  • A3 05 Oimu
    Life style, Stationery, Book
    OIMU is a lifestyle brand and design studio based in Seoul since 2015. Reflecting the spirit of age, OIMU engage in design activities that link past and present values and propose design methods through various printing media, products, spaces, exhibitions, and content publishing.

  • Directions: A305
  • Opening hours: TUE - FRI 12PM~8PM / SAT-SUN 12PM~7PM (MON OFF)
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  • A3 06 Select mauer
    Kitchen & Dining, Lighting, Art, Objects,
    Labo Mauer

    Select Mauer treat things that we use every day.
    We find and introduce beautiful yet useful objects and suggest better choices.
    We share meaningful experiences and good memories with small objects.

    Things that we keep it close and use it for a long time.
    Things that get deeper over time.
    Things that touch our heart.

    We believe all of these ripens our lives.

  • Directions: A306
  • Opening hours: TUE - SUN / 12PM - 8PM (MON OFF)
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  • A3 07 Yoanna
    Stationery, Objects, Life style,
    Picture & Illustration book.
    Little moments, Big memories.
    Sometimes short and trivial moments that passed by become deep in the memory and come to mind at all of a sudden. Yoanna fills up favorite items and take out those moments on one side again.
    We would like to be together so that we can make memories and childhood innocence with small items that may be kept for a while or for a long time.
    We hope that the small things and times here will be remembered happily for a long time, just how all things come together and make each one of us. We hope this will be a comfortable and warm place for everyone who can casually stop by for no particular reason.
    We make it possible to re-view the beauty and value of the useless printouts such as stamps, receipts, tags, catalogs, etc. and we sell other small paper goods that fill your daily life, such as, cards, stickers, masking tapes, and notes. In addition, we will continue to introduce various products that will enrich our daily lives.

  • Directions: A307
  • Opening hours: TUE - FRI 12PM~8PM / SAT-SUN 12PM~7PM (MON OFF)
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    Postscript, an additional remark at the end of a letter.
    If there is something important to add, we write it down at the end of the letter.

    Bar postscript is a comfortable place with high-quality service, where you can share left off yet genuine stories with your people rather than necessary words to maintain the relationship.

  • Directions: A 4F
  • Opening hours: 17:00PM ~ 01:00PM
  • COVID Opening hours: 16:00PM ~ 21:00PM
  • MENU
    DDMMYY is a pop-up space that introduces new stories depending on changing days, months, and years.
    We deliver more stories by overcoming the limitations of limited space with contents that change over time.

    Life style
    Discovery of objects – Sharing values – Communication of taste
    Based on a sense of life that we should not miss, we seek and share for a newer and more colorful residential culture. We observe the playfulness of our lives that are never boring, reveal and express various thoughts and forms from our environment. We prepare for a more beneficial and healthy future by attracting rational and correct consciousness.

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