Everything never changes at once. Sudden change is like hanging artificial flowers on saving a dead tree. Therefore, we should aim for a big change resulting from small actions that you practice little by little every day. LCDC SEOUL presents new possibilities to read trends of the present, analyze space carefully, and to meet and mingle with people.
The starting point of the Earth’s surface,
Creating high-quality land for a new eco-system,
Therefore, a new eco-system can be established while keeping the existing environment.
As the purpose of space changes, we build a clearly solid environment through the subtle opening of the relationship between the existing order and the new self-reliance.
A place where smell of oil and machine sounds are familiar, where unique scent has remained for a long time.
We have tried to spread branches of a new story while rooting in the history and people of the auto repair shop located on Seongsu-dong 2-ga.
The time at LCDC SEOUL will be a pleasant experience to savor the space not only to the industrial aesthetics created by the factory area but also the sensibility of a new design.
The square creates a meeting point that penetrates the context of ‘individual floors and rooms – square -environment.’ The different characteristics and volume of the space, structure around the space creates unity which delivers a sense of openness across the boundaries. Also, the horizontal unity breaks down the vertical hierarchy and allows to have an equal perspective.
Stories can be deepened under the moonlight rather than the sunlight. Light acts as a background when separating people from the real world and enabling to experience a completely different situation. The lights are designed not only to double the beauty of the architecture but also to be the landmark that warms the night scenery of the factory area.

Temperature and brightness of the lights are designed to connect the space and various brands while keeping their own characteristics, and to lead peoples’ comfort. Special programs are prepared which can reflect the rhythm of time and season.

The light that creates the flow of the air, just like LCDC SEOUL will make people’s story richer and even more interesting.
Landscape is an expression made by the soul of space. Just as we make up different facial expressions every moment, plants also make stories of space with different faces every day. So, the space that plants create cannot be the same at any moment. Plants feed on valuable words from people and space, recreating stories with their expressions. As time goes by, these plants will create firm and intimate stories along with us.

Moving the space of LCDC SEOUL means the movement of sense, not just the movement of space. As soon as you enter the empty square of LCDC SEOUL, you will experience a new sense of movement through the expression made by the big pin oak tree. If you go up the outer stairs of building B, you will find a full herb garden and a rooftop garden with flame grass, and you will encounter delicate aesthetic and coziness that encompasses the space.

The way to the rooftop at the end of LCDC SEOUL. If you follow the scent of herbs that you naturally reach, you will find a private garden at the end of the bar where fragrant flower trees that stimulate your taste. Visit LCDC SEOUL and experience the movement of senses created by space and plants.